Rocket Builders

          Rocket Builders is a management consulting firm providing sales and marketing services.  With a focus on helping technology companies to grow and prosper, Rocket Builders has a proven track record of success with its clients.  Since 2000, we have been engaged in market research, market planning, business development initiatives, strategic selling, and product launches for over 200 organizations.

          The Rocket Recognition Program features two branded lists of companies.  The “Ready to Rocket” list profiles information technology companies with the greatest potential for revenue growth in the coming year.  The “Emerging Rockets” list profiles technology companies from multiple technology sectors with great potential for investment and market breakthroughs in the coming year.  Both lists are predictive of future success making them unique in approach and unique in value for our business audience.

Rocket Builders Services

  • Market Assessment

  • Market Entry and Product Launch

  • Pricing Strategy and Execution

  • Channel Development and Strategic Partnering

  • Integrated Sales and Marketing


Service Descriptions

  • Market Assessment - We have years of experience in many industries of performing market sizing, segmentation, growth projections, value chain analysis, buyer’s process analysis, and competitive analysis to provide you with the key insights necessary for business planning.

  • Market Entry and Product Launch - We have helped over 100 companies with market entry planning and execution, including highly successful product launches.

  • Pricing Strategy and Execution - Setting the right price and selling without price objections is one of the greatest challenges companies have, and we have years of experience and industry-leading best practices for both the strategy and execution of pricing.

  • Channel Development and Strategic Partnering - We have helped companies build a global indirect sales force by designing channel programs and processes for recruiting channel partners, and we have helped companies form alliances with large vendors like Microsoft, Research in Motion, Sun, Nokia, and Intel.

  • Integrated Sales and Marketing - We help align sales teams with marketing teams to provide the right blend of traditional and digital marketing approaches that generate sales-ready leads while helping sales teams to increase sales effectiveness with buyer-centric sales methodology.